The Biwak 12 is an awesome place for our passion: namely colour, form and detail.

Ulla Hell

Ulla Hell, born in 1973, has been connected to the landscape of the Three Peaks region since her earliest childhood. The Dolomites and South Tyrol are her home, the world and the needs of the people her teachers. She learned her craft as an architect at the universities of Innsbruck, Delft and Eindhoven (NL). She is senior partner of the internationally renowned architectural office Plasma Studio, with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Vienna and … Sesto! Ulla devotes herself to her building tasks with great care, respect and humility. Listening, looking behind! Only then does she find the unmistakable language of form to solve the task and goes into the realisation of small and large objects with her own meticulous precision. The result is the typical, multi-award-winning buildings of her office Plasma Studio. Ulla Hell is responsible for all conversion and renovation work at BIWAK12 and our homebase and

Florian Jaenicke

Florian Jaenicke, born 1969 in Frankfurt am Main,
studied photography and film design in Dortmund and
received his Master of Arts from the London College
of Distributive Trades. He has worked as a freelance
photographer in the fields of portraiture and reportage
since 1998. Since 2010, he has held teaching positions
at the universities of Augsburg and Munich. In addition
to his commissioned work, Jaenicke pursues his own
projects. His pictures have been shown in numerous
exhibitions throughout Europe. Since 2019, he has been
showing portraits of his severely disabled son from
birth to the present day in a photo column for ZEIT
magazine. As part of a commissioned work for Stern, he
photographed the bivac on the Zwölferkofel in 2019, in
passing so to speak.

Arno Dejaco

In search of a suitable design and the “final brushstroke” in Biwak12, we found what we were looking for with him: Arno Dejaco. With his extraordinary gift for immediately grasping situations and people and with his awsome creative sense, he is the head of the graphic studio “Frei und Zeit” in Brixen. On the side, Arno is above all the person he would like to be: stage poet, music seeker and word painter. His sensitive nature makes him a true artist, through and trough.

Daniel Tschurtschen­thaler

Having grown up in his father’s painting workshop,
Daniel Tschurtschenthaler from Sesto (born in 1991) has
had a strong connection to colour, light and composition
since his earliest childhood. Today he skilfully uses
this experience in his work as a video and photo artist.
Often under particularly challenging conditions outdoor
he creates spectacular image sequences. Man in action
on the mountain is a favourite subject of Daniel. An
Austrian camera team accompanied his work for the
film documentary “Auf der Jagd nach dem Augenblick”
for 3 years. The photo series from the bivouac on the
Zwölferkofel hangs in our rooms.

Rudolf Lanzinger

Rudolf Lanzinger was born in Bolzano in 1913 and lived in South Tyrol as a visual artist until his death in 1989. The original owners of the former Garni Reider were great supporters of his art and took over countless works that Lanzinger produced. These included woodcuts and sculptures, prints, watercolours and drawings. He was mainly concerned with rural motifs and motifs from everyday life in Tyrol. He also produced an extensive oeuvre of sacred art. In keeping with the great models of the time, he was also inspired by Japanese art. The staircase of BIWAK12 contains numerous works by Lanzinger, as well as a wonderful sgraffito of the Archangel Michael. The decorative, mint-coloured façade elements and a “Madonna and Child” at the entrance to the building date from the early 1960s. Well-known galleries still carry works by Rudolf Lanzinger today.